The Danish Energy Agency has formally announced that the 8th licensing round for oil & gas exploration and production has been opened this morning and that applications are due by the 1st of February 2019. While the deadline is seemingly a long way away, there are is plenty of information to address to submit a formal bid for the licensing round.

Ross DK can assist with support to technical, regulatory and financial questions, and we can support the development of the license application. The license application is a mix of formal information on the applicant and area sought for licensing, and an informal part where the applicant should justify how the area is going to be developed, what are the target reservoir(s) and their estimated size, and what program is proposed to develop the asset into a proven reserve.

A significant element of the application is developing a work program which details which and when drill-or-drop decisions are mandated, and which milestones are envisioned in the project plan. A key deliverable is how environmental considerations are to be implemented in a practical work program, and how the environmental assessments will be conducted.

The Danish state is a mandatory stakeholder and partner in any application through Nordsøfonden, and Ross DK can support working with Nordsøfonden on their involvement in the process.

Well management

Ross DK will support the development of the license, and can after the award of a license, transition to become well management partner for the operator. The well management package can be composed in numerous ways, but should include elements such as project management system, well planning & drilling management, rig and service contractor management, tendering, bridging of management systems, risk, budget, and application & permitting.

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