In 2008, founders Lars Andersen and Claus Pedersen saw an opportunity to establish an independent well management company. They established the company based on the experiences, they had accumulated over the years.
Ross DK was established to provide well management to NOCs, Majors and Independents alike. The founding principle was to provide a unique well management service comprising of planning, design and engineering, and to provide on-site management and knowledge in the execution phase of a drilling project.

The company was set-off in providing services to the oil&gas industry, however, it soon became apparent that similar services were required elsewhere in industry segments such as geothermal, CCS and unconventional energy, and  has also been involved with mineral exploration and offshore wind.

Ross DK branched out to provide services covering the full life cycle of a well project from planning and permitting, through design and engineering to drilling and installation. In addition, Ross DK also provides its services to work-over, intervention and plug & abandonment operations.

In short, Ross DK provides solutions to energy companies, looking for ways to extract the riches of the earth.

Ross DK are the practitioners, providing well management to a wide range of companies.


Key dates


Establishing the company

Drilling Sønderborg Fjernvarme, DK geothermal doublet

Drilling Den Haag, NL geothermal doublet

Planning Tønder, DK geothermal doublet

Co-authoring ‘Planning and production of geothermal energy for district heating’ on behalf of ENS

Grant from EUDP ‘Pilot hole, phase 1’

Grant from EUDP ‘Pilot hole, phase 2’

Grant from Innovationsfond Denmark ‘Geotherm’
Grant from EUDP ‘Thermal Storage’

Drilling Zevenbergen Geothermal project, NL
Supporting analysis of geothermal potential in Southern Sweden

Supporting rig construction and move to NCS
Logistics support to Horns Rev 3

Supporting 14 operators on NCS with Well Management services