Once Upon a Saga

What is it? Good question; It is a one-man journey to visit every country in the World in a single journey, without the use of flight while bringing some attention toward the well meaning people of the planet of which there are most. “A stranger is a friend you’ve never met before”.

Ross DK has been working together with Torbjørn in various projects, however, we were approached by Torbjørn during CHGP* 2013 with the words “I have been toying with an idea” and we were sold on the spot. However, we leave this space to Torbjørns own words;

“My name is Torbjørn C. Pedersen, which is a terrible travelers name. But that has never stopped me before. I had already visited roughly every fourth country in the World before this project saw its first day – but now the time has come to go all in.

I will be travelling to every country in the World! So how many countries are there?! That is an excellent question. The United Nations count 193 member states and 2 observer states. Many would argue the World holds 195 countries but that does not include every country I am going to. Now how is that possible?! Another good question. The world is a political place and while some countries claim to be sovereign states other dispute the same. You can find the list of countries I will be visiting under ‘journey’.

“If I were a rich man…” Flight would be the easy choice to visit many countries. But what is the fun in easy? This will be a surface journey by scheduled ground transportation; that is primarily trains, buses and boats of different sorts. I will not buy, borrow or rent a vehicle in order get from A to B and I definitely do not have a chauffeur. This way I will ensure a lot of time spent with locals and travelers alike – an amazing way to see the World!

Also I will spend at least 24 hours in each country and I aim at not returning home before I have completed the journey.”

The Red Cross and Red Crescent

Furthermore, I have been given the amazing honor of traveling as goodwill ambassador for the Danish Red Cross. As such I get to represent and promote the Red Cross in 190 countries in the world. That means that the Red Cross is basically in every country in the world. Like most people I knew very little about the Red Cross when I left home. But from interviewing and listening to volunteers all over the world I have been amazed. I am on my knees for the millions of volunteers that make a difference in the lives on further more millions of people every day. And most people have no clue what the Red Cross does. It seems that people only learn about it when they need it. It is an adventure in it self to learn about this old organization which was founded in 1863. And it is certainly an honor to promote it publicly.”
* CHGP (Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix) = yes, we race historic cars