Research and publications

Ross DK has been involved in a number of research projects within energy as the main topic and geothermal heat and heat storage as sub-topics.

Thermal Storage (HTES)

Project period; 2017
The project ‘HTES’ (High Temperature Energy Storage) aims at demonstrating a new seasonal storage technology. The project will store heat energy in the subsurface limestones (~600m depth) beneath the greater Copenhagen area, look at integration into a practical context in the DH sector and gaining operational experiences with the technology for subsequent commercialization.


Pilot hole 1a

Project period; 2015
The project ’Pilot hole 1a’ addressed CAPEX concerns by demonstrating how processes and procedures from oil&gas has merit, but technology must be developed to fit, and not be adopted from other fields. The project looked at the interaction of stakeholders and include how their fields of interest could be best served, benefiting the entire project.


Pilot hole 1b

Project period; 2016
Geothermal energy is a green, renewable source of energy with the potential to significantly alter the prevailing mix of energy sources. The project looks at how geothermal energy can be integrated into a district heating in Greater Copenhagen, and how scale will affect the business model.


White Paper on Geothermal Heat

Published; 2014
In addition to Ross DKs activities in research, we have also been co-authored a white paper on geothermal energy published by the Danish Energy Agency.