During the current COVID-19 pandemic, we at Ross DK have also faced changes to our normal way of working. With the March close-down, we all had to quickly get used to working from home, tackling work, children and the balance between work time and private time all at the same time. So how do we do it? With smart thinking, reliable technology and a flexible growth mindset.

Long before anyone had even heard of COVID, we in Ross DK have integrated technology solutions to help us always perform at our best.

For communication, meetings both internally and with clients, presentations and training sessions, our collaboration suite has been an absolute joy to use. With a calendar, group teams, document sharing and presentation mode in meetings, we have maintained and increased our productivity. Meetings have become more efficient and focused. Even when we have had children in the background asking for help with homework! And it works equally well for Friday afternoon social sessions!

For all our documents (and we have A LOT!), our cloud repository is the place to go to. Having multiple users being able to enter, review and edit the same document at the same time is a great way to work and increase productivity in these times.

OilfieldOS from ApriSide is what we use to manage our projects. With features for planning, operations overview, HSE and risk assessment, logistics, project cost tracking, links to documents, reporting of observations and much more, there is clear and precise communication between all of the stakeholders in the project value chain.

We help each other out in every way can. When one of us needs a better desk, a new screen, headphones, heck, even a new refrigerator – no problem, all that we need to work from home has been provided for us. Having kids at home during the day? No problem, we switched to flexible hours with a large degree of self-management and responsibility and have maintained and increased our productivity.

But what has been the biggest upside for our new working environment? The growth-mindset that we all have in Ross DK. When things flip unexpectedly, we don’t shy away from the problem, we learn from it and grow. When the times are hard, we think up new ways to learn and progress.

“Everything is figureoutable”, especially for us in Ross.

Get in touch with us at mail@rossoffshore.dk to find out more.