Ross DK has entered into an agreement with Spidron-Weco on collaboration on well management services. The agreement is the culmination of a years-long relationship, where the two companies have had a resource sharing agreement. With the new agreement in place, Spidron-Weco is able to offer a full scope service to the Dutch market incl. resources evaluations, well design and management, safety cases and well site supervisory services.

The collaboration agreement between the two companies focuses on providing services to the geothermal market which is experiencing a rapid expansion & development these years in the Netherlands. Furthermore, the agreement also covers the oil&gas market where there are clear synergy effects, and market actors actively pursuing activities in both sectors.

“We discussed with Spidron-Weco on how our companies can supplement each other in the market, and we have recently collaborated on a in geothermal project in Zevenbergen, where we jointly shared the operational well management service” said Lars Andersen, CEO of Ross DK, and he continued “Spidron-Weco is established on the Dutch market, and we can supplement with resources, capacity and knowledge, likewise Ross DK can draw on Spidron-Weco areas of knowledge. So the collaboration agreement is the natural evolution of our work”.

“We see the Dutch drilling market growing these years, and we want to be poised for following the expansion of the market by signing with Ross DK. We have collaborated on the Zevenbergen project, and we understand how the two companies can complement each other, bringing new services to the market” said Robert te Gussinklo Ohmann, Director of Spidron-Weco.


About Spidron Weco

Spidron WECO BV is specialized in well engineering, project management and consultancy. We provide a wide range of support throughout the project development, drilling and production phase until abandonment of wells.

The development of (geothermal) wells near urban area’s demands an in-depth knowhow on drilling as well on risk- and stakeholder management. Over the years Spidron WECO has gained an in-depth knowledge and supported her customers with their projects in these areas.  

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About Ross DK

Ross DK A/S is specialised in well management. We provide total life-cycle services from project inception through design and engineering to drilling and supervising of wells.

We provide services and solutions based on our extensive experiences with drilling operations in all corners of the planet. We stand by our customers with in-depth knowledge of the process flow, which leads to efficient execution of well projects.

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