We have been reflecting over the past year’s work and we have come to realise that we are regional and globally present. We have prided ourselves on being ‘North Sea-centric’ and thus ‘North Sea-knowledgeable’, and we can see that this pattern holds true. We have worked with exciting projects from all of the countries connected to the North Sea, but that only part of the story…

While we possess this regional knowledge, we also have a global outreach with projects and partners. We have integrated information from an almost bewildering, and diverse range of sources and projects. We have worked on projects in the middle east, looked at projects in North America, are involved with projects in Africa and we have started getting savvy on solutions in the Asia-Pacific region, so yes, we do have a global presence.

Oil&gas and Geothermal

We readily admit that our mix of core competence to outsiders can seem a bit befuddling. However, the answer is simple; we are drilling people by nature, and well management is our core competency. We have honed our skills in the oil&gas sector, and we continue to be deeply involved in advancing solutions for the sector. However, we have for almost two decades also been involved in geothermal energy, and how to advance the green agenda, where geothermal energy complements sun and wind.

We boil it down to the essentials; management. Projects – whether oil&gas or geothermal – request the same set of deliveries; quality (projects that are developed to meet and exceed their scope), delivery (keeping to milestones and timely delivery of project documentation, including in-depth stakeholder communication to ensure aligned expectations on all levels), economy (budget (forecast and follow-up) and risk) and not least safety (working pro-actively to secure a safe working environment for all).