The world is on a quest to find the technologies that will take our energy supply into the next decades, and we have decided to support Mission Innovation as catered for through Confederation of Danish Industry.

Mission Innovation was launched during COP 21 in Paris in late 2016, as a means to make us collectively responsible for investing in and developing new technologies that are environmentally friendly, sustainable for longevity, and will bring our society forward in terms of development.

Ross DK A/S works with two technologies for the future;

Geothermal energy – we have known about the geothermal potential for a decade, and geothermal energy extraction is in different phases of development around the world. We have primarily been involved in low enthalpy systems, but are moving towards high enthalpy and not least enhanced geothermal systems.

Heat storage – we have the possibility to optimise our energy sources if we can store energy for an interim period between production and usage. We are looking at ways of storing large quantities of water underground for seasonal storage, and if technically possible for short periods down to days. Our solution is rooted in storage of excesses, but it has grown to encompass looking at optimised production processes.

Lars Andersen, CEO of Ross DK A/S said, “We have been working with geothermal energy for a while, and we have recently started looking at heat storage. We see that both of these elements will be pillars in the development of the company, and will be instrumental in the conversion to the fossil-free society.”

Lars continued, “We have been fortunate to receive grants from both EUDP and for the Danish Innovation Fund on the two aforementioned aspects. Working together with academia, institutions and companies has given us a unique chance to looking at the barriers – technologically and commercially – to provide solution spaces for tomorrow’s energy supply. Hence, our support to Mission Innovation is to maintain and accelerate energy research in our sector, as well as complementary ones such as heat pumps and energy conversion.

The Mission Innovation initiative was launched during COP 21 in Paris, and is supported by Confederation of Danish Industry.

The purpose is to increase the investments in research and innovation. Research and innovation are the drive force behind productivity and competitiveness with the energy industry and contributes to growth, jobs and export.

By joining the initiative, companies will actively seek to increase own investments into research and innovation.

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