What a joy!

Friendship turned into partnership or vice versa – it is hard to tell. December 2020 marks a 25th year anniversary for the founders of Ross DK A/S Lars Andersen and Claus Pedersen. The two met as special drilling trainees at Maersk Drilling’s training sessions on a path to become drillers. This chance meeting set them on a course that has shown no signs of slowing down, and where they strive to have a daily catch-up with each other on business, sports and general headlines of the day.

Distant collaboration – How DO we do it?

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, we at Ross DK have also faced changes to our normal way of working. With the March close-down, we all had to quickly get used to working from home, tackling work, children and the balance between work time and private time all at the same time. So how do we do it? With smart thinking, reliable technology and a flexible growth mindset.

What an adventure!

Ross DK has been supporting the intrepid traveller since he set out on his epic journey at what seems to be aeons ago. Torbjørn came to us in the most surprising way and we couldn’t help by being struck by how audacious his proposal was. We were soon convince that if anyone was to carry out such an adventure, it had to be him.

Aquarius north sea geothermal consortium launched

dCarbonX Ltd, ZeGen Energy Ltd & Ross DK A/S are delighted to announce the formation of The Aquarius North Sea Geothermal Consortium (‘Aquarius’).  This new and exciting international group is focussed on exploring and developing the deep offshore geothermal resources of the United Kingdom.

Successful geothermal projects

The summer of 2020 has climate written all over it. The Danish experts on gheothermal energy, Ross DK, has been fortunate to land new projects within geothermal energy.

New positions open due to spur of activity

We are experiencing a spur of activities in Norway, and this is leading to new opportunities in fixed staff positions and as consultants. As levels of exploration activities increase through the award of new license areas and reinvigorating old projects, we are asked to provide competent, experienced staff for these projects.

Global presence

We have been reflecting over the past year’s work and we have come to realise that we are regional and globally present. We have prided ourselves on being ‘North Sea-centric’ and thus ‘North Sea-knowledgeable’, and we can see that this pattern holds true. We have worked with exciting projects from all of the countries connected to the North Sea, but that only part of the story…

8th licensing round on Danish Sector is open

The Danish Energy Agency has formally announced that the 8th licensing round for oil & gas exploration and production has been opened this morning and that applications are due by the 1st of February 2019. While the deadline is seemingly a long way away, there are is plenty of information to address to submit a formal bid for the licensing round.

Dutch / Danish collaboration agreement

Ross DK has entered into an agreement with Spidron-Weco on collaboration on well management services. The agreement is the culmination of a years-long relationship, where the two companies have had a resource sharing agreement. With the new agreement in place,...

Ross DK turns 10

Copenhagen – Ross DK turned a sharp corner on January 14th 2018, when the company turns 10. We have seen our business segment undergo a major transition during the period, however, we have come out stronger and we have increased our focus on fueling the green...