Copenhagen – Ross DK turned a sharp corner on January 14th 2018, when the company turns 10. We have seen our business segment undergo a major transition during the period, however, we have come out stronger and we have increased our focus on fueling the green transition. We are committed to providing well management services and we support our client’s worldwide.

When Lars Andersen and Claus Pedersen started the company in January 2008 they embarked on a journey which shows no signs of slowing down.


The first thing when reflecting over a decade’s work is looking at our achievements;

  • We were part of the team which produced first oil on Syd Arne, phase III together with Hess
  • We started on our first international geothermal project 8 years ago in the Haag, the Netherlands
  • We were part of the team which made the discovery on Fenja, Norwegian Continental Shelf, one of the largest finds in latter years on NCS
  • We partnered with Ardent Oil, and have successfully proven our concept of ‘Operators Operator’ on DK sector
  • We are driving the development of geothermal heat for district heating from one-on-one projects to an industrialized form with emphasis on organization, professionalism and cost-efficiency


A pinnacle of the work executed by Ross DK is the use of methodologies recognized for their consistency. The market is undergoing a rapid development, and procedures and processes are under consistent scrutiny to be optimized. However, Ross DK prides ourselves on working with a methodology which allows us to optimize all parameters while not forgetting quality, health, safety, environment, and risk.

We continuously invest in our human capital – because without our employees Ross DK would not be.

Business areas

We are all about wells – we provide our services with well management, and facilitate well design and drilling management. We are typically engaged in projects during their inception or shortly thereafter, and we successively follow projects through engineering and into exploration drilling and verification of results.

While we have not formally set an area of operation, our decade in business providing well management services has done so for us.

We work in the following areas;

Oil & Gas Geothermal Wind Minerals
We provide our services to predominantly operators in the North Sea, and with a special emphasis on our knowledge of the Danish sector We provide our services in Northern Europe, USA and as consultants worldwide. We provide logistical services to O&G and offshore wind, where we with our deep-rooted knowledge of offshore operations can facility smooth operations. We support mineral exploration with decision support tools to assess the feasibility of exploiting new finds.


Together we stand strong

Ross DK shares a strong relationship with Ross Offshore in Norway. We have over the course of 10 years been involved in many projects together where we collectively benefit from our shared know-how. The projects have been within ranged from offshore oil & gas to onshore geothermal and have included planning and project management, subsurface engineering, well management and work-overs.

Our tie between the companies is as strong as ever, and we see new opportunities on the horizon where we will mutually benefit from being a closely-knit unit.

Operator’s Operator

Entering a new market is difficult, there is a host of local rules to adhere to and understanding the business culture requires knowledge. Ross DK strives to be a partner & collaborator & stakeholder in the projects we are involved in.

In well management Ross DKs acts as the operator’s drilling organization where we supply; competence or capacity or both. We operate on behalf of the operator, meaning that the rig and service contracts are owned by the operator and managed by Ross DK.

This approach to well management is the backbone of our flexibility to deliver our services efficiently. We provide services and solutions based on extensive experiences with operations.

Our knowledge pertains not only to the drilling process, but also to project management, well construction, completion, geology and reservoir. Furthermore, we have the working know-how of the practical aspects of drilling including logistics, site and applications and permitting.

Supporting research

In the fall of 2014, Ross DK got involved in pushing the geothermal agenda from another direction. We began the first in a series of research projects, and we have so far been involved in;

  • White paper for DEA on geothermal heat (2014, status-completed)
  • Pilot hole for geothermal heat, Phase 1 (2015, status-completed)
  • Pilot hole for geothermal heat, Phase 2 (2016, status-completed)
  • Thermal Storage (HTES) (2017, Status completed)
  • GEOTHERM (2017 – 2020, Status ongoing)


2016 saw the investment into Geoop. Geoop is a developer of geothermal assets and has the capacity to engineer, develop, drill, construct and operate geothermal assets in conjunction with local municipalities, district heating companies, ESCO’s and energy companies. Read more on

2017 saw the investment into Apriside. While software has never been a core competency of Ross DK, we saw that existing system packages had several shortcomings which we felt needed to be addressed. Apriside develops a system package which combines operation management with cost control. Read more on


We never really seen ourselves as having a particular affiliation with Denmark, however, we are increasingly becoming an international conglomerate with personnel from Denmark, Iceland, Poland, USA, Scotland, Latvia and UK. This has seen us adopt new customs and habits, and culinarily speaking we have had some real treats.


We celebrated the anniversary with a BBQ get together in the Ross offices on Friday 1/06/2018.