Ross DK conducts studies on the feasibility of projects. The projects can be new developments, extension / expansion of existing developments or it can be work-over and intervention operations, where the aim is to assess the project risks, and look at project budgets and timing.


When Ross DK plans new projects, it is done with attention to the reservoir model and required well technology to meet the production requirements. However, Ross DK has an all-inclusive approach to project planning and looks at the expected life-cycle of the well to cater for as many contingencies as possible.

Application & permits

As a project moves through its planning phase, Ross DK will write the required applications to government agencies, regulatory bodies and other institutions. The applications will adhere to the given legislation, and Ross DK’s staff will ensure compliance with country specific regulation.

The applications concern all types of applications from permissions, extension and alterations to permits, to local utility companies, local government/municipality, to noise, emissions and discharges and statements about influence on environment.