The summer of 2020 has climate written all over it. The Danish experts on gheothermal energy, Ross DK, has been fortunate to land new projects within geothermal energy.

“We have executed or are in the process of executing on projects within the three main sectors of geothermal energy; heating, power and engineered systems. The projects of varying size are scatter across Europe” says the managing director Lars Andersen, Ross DK

Geothermal energy is on the rise as one of the futures renewable technologies. Geothermal energy has a pedigree from more than a century of experience with exploration, drilling and production of fossil fuels. The very water which was once seen as a nuisance in oil & gas production is now a highly sought-after commodity for our goals of reaching a CO2-neutral energy system based on a combination of renewables such as sun, wind, water and geothermal.

Heating  are developing low enthalpy projects for systems aimed at supplying heat to district heating and greenhouses. Ross DK follows a project development method with stage-gate decisions, benefitting the decision process between all stakeholders.


“We support high enthalpy projects in selecting the best development strategies. This includes looking at the entire development portfolio from the overall project management and the engineering planning to the management on the well site and utilising resources efficiently. We work on optimising existing projects which are already supplying power to the grid” says Lars Andersen further


There is abundant energy present beneath our feet – the natural flux from the earth core is heating natural aquifers in the underground, and we can extract the resource sustainably benefitting our energy system for heat and power.

However, there are many places without the presence of subsurface aquifers. However, with engineered geothermal systems, there is an option to create geothermal systems to take advantage of the heat in the subsurface. We are involved in projects which are looking at power as the primary objective and heat as the secondary.

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About Ross DK A/S

Ross DK is a well management company executing projects with oil & gas, geothermal and associated sectors. We provide project management, well engineering and drilling supervision. Our services cover new exploration projects, intervention and work-over on producing assets and abandonment of shut-in assets. We are ISO 9001 certified. We are headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark – but, work worldwide.